The 39 Steps- The King’s Players.

So tonight, I went to see The 39 Steps directed by the wonderfully talented Carys Hughes. I had seen this show done professionally, twice, and I’m afraid to say, slightly dubious of how this show was going to turn out, as it is a tricky show to perfect. I am so glad that I was surprised, I spent the whole night laughing, and in the second half cackling.

Carys Hughes, did a brilliant job, bringing this show to life, in a particularly odd space. Of course, helpful by her energetic cast. The devilishly handsome Richard Hanny, was played by Dom Rawson, who’s composure commanded the audience, and the few moments were ‘mishaps’ occurred, were always welcome. Annabella Schmidt, and Pamela played by Holly Ludlow, was a worthy partner, and their chemistry together, especially in the hotel, was brilliant. Speaking of chemistry, Margaret, Marie-Claire Harvey, added a sweetness, and innocence to the show.  However, the ones who stole the show, were the clowns, Alan Hall; Camille Hainsworth-Staples; Arsentiy Novak. They were absoluetly hilarious. From their over dramatic cockney milkman, to the old Scottish lady who loved her scotch (and dubstep). Their physicality, and over-dramatisation, was on point. And their accents, were surprisingly good. The change of the ending was a surprisingly nice change to the usual, ‘everything is awesome’ ending, even if it is slightly sadistic.

I absolutely love this show, and I’m so glad this production did not disappoint. If you have a chance, go and try and see it. It’s on at KCL, at 7.30pm until Monday Night.


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