XX – Ed Fringe

XX is an interesting production, where the cast and crew use an algorithm to randomise a show each night, creating a story about love, and loss and everything in between, each night. This was a genius idea, and I applaud the writer and director and everyone involved. I won’t talk about the plot, because that wouldn’t make sense because it changes each night.
It was a very creative and meaningful idea. It was well directed and the acting was brilliant. Very heartfelt, sweet and hard hitting. It was simple staging and had some audience participation, but it was used sparingly, and only when needed, meaning it was very effective. There isn’t much more to say, without the use of plot, apart from it was a very good production, very creative and clever. The symbolism in it was beautiful, very effective, and all the stories seemed to link up, even though they were all very different and would be each night. The use of climbing ropes to create the set was effective, and they used physical theatre very beautifully. One thing I loved, was how the cast constantly changed and the others would watch the action and react. This was aided, by the fact it was all written in gender neutral terms, meaning anyone could play those parts.  And I can’t imagine how hard it would have been to produce.  Definitely a must see for the Fringe.

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