Techies: The Musical – Ed Fringe

Not to worry, much shorter review this time. Techies: The Musical, is a play about the underdogs of Theatre, the people no-one applauses. The Techies, the lighting, sound, stage managers etc. The ‘Dark Knights’ of Theatre. ‘ The heroes Theatre need, but not the ones they deserve.’ I went to see this because as someone who is often backstage I thought it would be entertaining. And it was. It was relatable, and I managed to feel like all of the characters on stage, which I’m not sure how. The Director trying to do the impossible, the stage manager asked of the impossible, about half a millisecond away from a breakdown, the hopeless techie backstage hand, and the backstage techie who was really ‘secretly stagey’. 

I will admit, it wasn’t the most perfect fringe show. It wasn’t a show that would end up on the west end. It was a Fringe production. It was genuine. It was full of charm, and reminded me of ‘A Very Potter Musical’ before it became very successful. It was clever and had lots of hidden theatre references that if you are a little obsessed with Theatre like me, then it’s perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling throughout it. 

There isn’t much else to it really, it was charming and genuine. It was a Fringe show. 


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