Theory or Practical Based learning

I visited Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD) and Royal Holloway (RHUL) down in London this weekend. I looked at the Drama and Theatre studies course at RHUL – and the Acting Course, and Drama, Applied Theatre and Education course at CSSD. And it lead me to question – Which is better? Theory or Practical based learning. They each have their pros and their drawbacks. I thought for a while – that I wanted to learn the theory behind the acting, before I started actually looking at open days. And I knew for definite that I wanted to study drama and not just acting. However after looking into it, I find myself confused. The Drama courses seem to look at the theory- so that it can be applied practically -which sounds brilliant. However the acting courses seem very intense and professional. And will allow more actual skills for employability- whereas Drama provides a wider base degree. By providing a lot- It doesn’t provide very much. Also there is the issue that it is easier to get into Drama programs – than Acting programs. The Acting programs have very little writing in comparison to Drama- where it is over 50% writing. Therefore the Drama programs provide more transferable skills, the Acting program providing specific skills.  So I put it to you. Which do you think is better? Theory or Practical based learning?


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