War Horse to close?

War Horse, after a seven year run, at the National Theatre is due to close in 2016. Producer Chris Harper said: “War Horse has wowed audiences around the world, and we are incredibly proud of what the show has achieved over the last eight extraordinary years. It has been a privilege to bring Michael Morpurgo’s beloved novel to the stage and to share this beautiful story of love and friendship with audiences.”


A beautiful story of love and friendship indeed. However after it finishes it’s run It will go on a nationwide tour to finish the show. I have actually seen this show a few times and I adore it. It is very hard for me to have favourites when it comes to theatre and books and all that. This is definitely my favourite play, and it never fails to move me. It does what theatre should do and it makes you feel things, and think about the world we live. It doesn’t necessarily make you feel love, or sadness or even despair. But it makes you feel something. The story is heartwarming – The staging is innovative and creative, using a backdrop above the action to represent a soldiers diary. The lighting fantastic. The set simplistic, using Brechtian influences- partnered with amazing music, truly bringing it to life. It has an amazing atmosphere and I implore you to go see it, if you have a chance before it closes. I personally am very sad to see it go.  

“Maybe there are different ways to be brave. Did you know the French have the best carrier pigeons? And this could be the difference in the war. Our messages getting through. There are released from the front and told to go home. This is all they know. But to get there they must fly over a war. It’s like… you are flying over so much pain and terror… and you know you can never look down. You have to look forward, or you’ll never get home. I ask you, what could be braver than that?”


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