Waiting for Godot – Lyceum

Wow…. It’s interesting. As I said earlier, it is definitely an absurdist play – emphasis on absurd. Brian Cox and Bill Paterson were fabby- embodying these archetypes of characters through body language and expression – Creating two comedic slapstick tramps.

The set was minimalist and effective – creating a simple set by which the audience can focus on the actors instead. A tree in the centre being used as an effect in lieu with the lighting. The tree being a large point of conversation with the possibility of one hanging themselves. It being used to portray the time passing and the lack of time passing.

The show itself however – wasn’t personally my cup of tea. For me, the character acting of the slapstick tramps, brought down the profundity of the show. The snippets of philosophy surrounded by gags and jokes, making the philosophy seem unimportant – almost turning it into a pantomime – the effect complete by many of the jokes falling flat.

However if you get through the first act,the second act is far more fruitful, bringing the piece to a whole- explaining the symbolism and  importance of the piece – showing the importance of some of the earlier phrases which were missed when they were first mentioned. Finishing of the piece nicely and actually providing some sense to the play, by confusing the audience more

Leading on from that – It did feel like I watched the same show twice. with many of the jokes repeated for comedic effect, or emphasis – however after the 3rd or 4th time… It just wasn’t as funny. The same gags and profound sentences just lost their effect.

A friend who saw it with me said. ‘It was like Salvador Dali did a play’ Which I would completely agree with. All in all It was a good production the lighting and set, aiding the actors brilliant acting… However the script/play wasn’t my cup of tea.


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